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Watch it Wednesday: Steve Aoki, Sting & SHAED – ‘2 in a Million’

EDM legend Steve Aoki seems to be on to something with his latest releases. A few months ago he dropped “Let It Be Me” with Backstreet Boys, proving that both Backstreet and including vocals from musical eras past are back. Utilizing Backstreet Boys adds a nostalgic air to Aoki’s hit electronic sound and encourages listeners to click and stream when they otherwise may not have. This marketing and artistic attitude is further evidence that Aoki is a pro of the industry. Following this play, Aoki also released “2 in a Million” with the legendary Sting and SHAED, which includes a music video that we’re featuring for this week’s Watch it Wednesday.


Sting’s voice is timeless and has aged like fine wine as he takes the literal center stage in Sting’s music video, serenading his figurative audience like old times as two dancers gracefully leap and dance across the stage with allure. Both Sting and SHAED croon the lyrics and harmonize with each other and Aoki’s melodies, all fitting together for a gentle track and a lulling video.

Steve Aoki is bringing his Color of Noise Tour to El Rey Theater on April 6th and Rialto Theatre on April 7th. You can find tickets for the Albuquerque show here and the Tucson show here.

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