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5 of G Jones’ Greatest Hits to Prepare You for AREZZONA

2020 is the year of experimental bass and if there’s one artist who’s leading the movement, it’s G Jones. The Santa Cruz native has been tearing up the scene since 2012 and he’s received support from artists such as Bassnectar, Zed’s Dead, Eprom, and Bleep Bloop. It’s hard to place G Jones in a genre because his sound is completely original. The only way we could describe it is part trap, part dubstep, part freeform bass, and 100% fresh. If you haven’t yet heard of this “studio wizard”, as Rolling Stone so famously called him, it’s time you get to know some of his greatest hits. 

“Mind Tricks” (feat. Lafa Taylor)

Without a doubt, “Mind Tricks” is one of G Jones’ most popular tracks. This Bassnectar collaboration is a perfect example of G Jones’ musical versatility and if you like weird bass, you’ve probably heard this track live. Released on Bassnectar’s eleventh studio album, Unlimited, “Mind Tricks” effortlessly flows from trap to experimental bass and is paired perfectly alongside some iconic vocals. 


If “Mind Tricks” is a bit too heavy for you, “Time” will definitely be more your speed. This chill, dreamy track will take you on a journey through cinematic percussion, heavenly melodies, and of course, more bass. The musical progression in “Time” is yet another reason why we love G Jones and if you enjoyed this song, be sure to listen to the entire album it came from, The Ineffable Truth.

“Immortal Light”

In December, G Jones released his highly anticipated EP, Tangential Zones. Throughout 2019, he slowly released songs from the EP and played a few unreleased ones live as teasers. One of the most sought after unreleased songs he played was a heavy bass track with a glitchy sustained bass. Every time G Jones played the track out live, fans instantly would grab phones and start recording. When he finally released Tangential Zones, we learned that the legendary track was called “Immortal Light” and it has become one of his best songs yet. “Immortal Light” swings on the heavier side of G Jones’ discography, but the atmospheric breaks provide a subtle contrast that will leave you in awe.

“See Right Through”

Another song that we love off of G Jones’ latest EP is “See Right Through”. This trippy masterpiece is relaxing, mind blowing, and as always, refreshingly unconventional. The song twists and turns through deep bass and lush pads, but the best part takes place about five minutes in. After a period of chaotic sound, G Jones transitions the energy and gives us one of the most impressive breaks in electronic music. Singular plucks carry the momentum forward while the atmosphere settles into silence. 

“In Your Head” – RL Grime Edit

We couldn’t make a list of G Jones’ biggest hits without including this banger. If you’ve been to a festival in the past year, you’ve probably heard “In Your Head” played live and producers across all genres have given this track their own spin. The most popular edit of “In Your Head” is RL Grime’s edit and for a good reason too. The song became an instant classic and anytime this song is dropped, the crowd tends to go crazy. The sudden bass shots paired with traditional trap drums give off a powerful energy that help shape one of the most iconic songs of 2019.


There’s only one thing better than G Jones and that’s G Jones live. Lucky for you, he’s coming to Rawhide Event Center on March 14 for AREZZONA with Rezz, CharlesTheFirst, Of The Trees, and Youms. (tickets are available here). You won’t want to miss the stacked lineup.


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