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Lil Texas Releases Cosmic Banger ‘Hardcore Bassdrum’

American hardstyle producer Lil Texas is blazing his way into the hearts (and playlists) of EDM fans one crazy show at a time, with his uptempo hardcore sounds bringing much deserved attention to the realm of American Hardcore. Having been part of a band prior to becoming an electronic producer, Lil Texas has a rich background in music, especially surrounding jazz and classical. His groundbreaking sounds and his insane comfortability with creating 200 BPM tracks sets him apart and helps him inspire listeners newer to this side of electronic dance music to dive in. His newest track, “Hardcore Bassdrum,” is a full-energy banger, and even features BPMs up to 210. Listen to the new single below!

With nonstop beats and fresh, trend-setting flares that Lil Texas brings to hardcore music, this new heater hit the scene with a bang. Setting new tones for culture, music, and fashion in addition to openly accepting the ‘outcasts’ of EDM, Lil Texas is as much of an iconic figure as he is a musical artist. This new track will have you dancing until you drop, and feels as though adrenaline itself is being injected into your musical bloodstream.

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