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Chet Porter Releases Melancholy Anthem ‘Bummed’ with Alison Wonderland

Electronic producer Chet Porter has just released the sad anthem of the season, and the track is strikingly honest. Featuring the vocals of Australian producer Alison Wonderland, this track is a dreamy look into some very intense thoughts. Sometimes the best form of therapy is to acknowledge what you are going through and know that you are not alone. This track is vulnerable and doesn’t shy away from bringing feelings of hopelessness and despair to light. It seems to show that it’s okay to be a bit bummed sometimes and to acknowledge those feelings, because they are very real for a lot of people. Listen to the new track, “Bummed,” below!

With almost indie-rock and beach band vibes, this song features airy and distanced vocals that are coupled with reflective yet dark lyrics. The track takes you on a very chill ride through deep thought, and explores a different side of emotion, making it relatable, unique, and a fresh track to switch up your playlist heading into spring.

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