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Mix Fix: Chet Porter | Intermission Broadcast Mix 002

It’s time for another week of Mix Fix! We’re slowing things down a bit, enlightening the mood, and learning to live in the moment. So sit back and chillax with this week’s pick, Chet Porter’s Intermission Broadcast Mix.

What we like about this mix

This broadcast mix introduces an instrumental version of the bubbly tune, “Stay”, with the lyrics replaced with a xylophone. After the intro plays out, the mix transitions into the song “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous. Soon enough, the mix loops back into “Stay” Afterglow Remix. Throughout the mix, Chet Porter comprises several other Indie/Alternative songs by artists such as Passion Pit, Lorde, MGMT, Empire Of The Sun, Foster the People, and Peter Bjorn & John. One part that I want to highlight from this mix is the track “Kids” by MGMT (Soulwax remix) at 19:04. There was a variation of instruments in this track that were integrated and layered very well. Another part of this mix that I admire is the prompt transition from “Walking On A Dream” by Empire Of The Sun to “I Still See Your Face” by San Holo at 25:30. Lastly, my favorite part of this mix is at 30:30, when this mix uses the tracks “Eve II” by Emancipator remixed by Odesza, surfaced with “Rushing Back” by Flume. Overall, Chet Porter mastered this mix with smooth, easy-going transitions of each and every track.

As Chet describe himself, this is “a fun and light mix of some of his favorite songs for you to listen to while you’re at home, chilling, making food, cleaning, showering, social distancing, doing laundry, reading a book, working, playing Animal Crossing, scrolling through Instagram, tweeting, checking the fridge, sleeping, drinking water, texting your mom, playing COD, doing yoga, seeing how long you can hold your breath, or astral projecting.” I certainly agree with Chet, which this mix can make any part of your day lively. This mix also felt very nostalgic especially with the 2000’s Indie/Alternative vibe.

About Chet Porter

Toronto-based artist Chet Porter falls under the category of Indietronica and Chill Wave music. He has brought his vibe to several record labels, and his career spiked with his track, “Stay” and was released on Foreign Family Collective. He has also collaborated with Allison Wonderland in his most popular song on Spotify, “Bummed”. In addition, Foreign Family Collective has created a series of Broadcast mixes with artists under their label, with Chet Porter being the 2nd one of this series.

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Connect with Chet Porter: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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