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‘Free Your Body’ to Noizu’s Latest Chris Lake & Solardo Remix

House music undeniably can get anyone up and groovin’. Chris Lake and Solardo are two of the hottest names in house music, so when an up and comer remixes one of their collab tracks, we know it is bound to be a good one. The rising house favorite and mysteriously unknown producer, Noizu, has delivered his remix of Chris Lake and Solardo’s “Free Your Body” via Chris Lake’s Black Book Records label. Give it a listen below and let loose!

The original hit is wobbly, intense, and cool as can be, but Noizu speeds things up a bit and makes the track a little more playful. Noizu’s remix brings his new wave tech-house vibes to the table and gets listeners feeling even more free. We are loving the weird, funky twist he gives “Free Your Body” and if you are loving it just as much as us be sure to grab tickets here to catch Noizu at Shady Park on March 15th. For those of you who don’t want the dancing to end there, snag tix for Chris Lake at The Rialto in Tuscon on April 23rd here and Solardo at Phoenix Lights 2020 at Rawhide Event Center on April 3rd and 4th here.

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