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Ekonovah breaks down each track on his latest EP ‘Epiphany’

Rising star Ekonovah just dropped his latest EP on Gold Digger titled ‘Epiphany’. This 3-track release is exemplary of the signature sound Ekonovah has developed and nurtured over the last several years. With fat baselines infectious melodies, you’re sure to find something in ‘Epiphany’ to satiate your desire to groove to a beat.

Stephen Scotti, otherwise know as Ekonovah, has broken down his process and feelings on each track for us below. Take a listen to the EP and become familiar with the story behind each track!


“I titled this track Epiphany because while working on it, I discovered a production technique that has completely changed my approach to making music. With tons of resampling and a less is more approach, the track was finished in only a matter of hours! This is also one of my favorite second drops that I’ve made, with a little bit of techno influence. It’s super fun to play live.”


“This track has been in my library for so long and I’m so happy it’s finally here! Intentional is one of those tracks that came together so quickly and in such a blur that I can’t remember its assembly. For this reason, I gave it the title of ‘Intentional,’ as a reminder to be more present and mindful while writing music. I do, however, remember being so excited when I made the moments of silence in the drops. Silence can be a really powerful instrument if you use it the right way.”


“The story for Delusion is actually a funny one. This was originally meant to be the vocal in my recent release “Hit The Gas,” but quickly realized it didn’t fit the high energy of that track. So I took the acapella (that my girlfriend kindly recorded for me) and made Delusion, keeping the vocal as the focal point.”

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