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Dance With The Dead Take On The Dead Daisies Once More

There’s an anthemic listen up for grabs this week on Spitfire Records, and it’s been produced by the killer duo Dance With The Dead. They aren’t holding back at all with another remake of a The Dead Daisies track, following on from ‘Unspoken’ with their 2020 LP title track ‘Holy Ground.’

Given a further boost by its striking official video which you can peep below, ‘Holy Ground’ uses the rock band’s thrilling vocals and amped up atmosphere to their advantage and layer in drawn out builds and a 80s inspired lead melody to drive it forward in style.

Dance With The Dead are stoked to have made this track, and say: “This track was a blast for us to remix and such an honor to work with the legends in The Dead Daisies. We hope everyone enjoys this fun track.”

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