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Check out these hot sounds on Strange Fruits, a label for creators overlooked by others

This independent record label is currently one of the fastest growing record labels in the world! Started by Netherland’s Steve Void in 2017, Strange Fruits Music is finally starting to gain some well deserved recognition. In the last year, Strange Fruits has already reached 2.5 billion streams and 2500 releases! This label has some of the best deep house tracks out right now!

Strange Fruits mission statement states that the label aims to “provide a home for creators that would usually be overlooked by other labels”, focusing on finding the undiscovered “outcast” artists. This has made the label a unique find in the industry. Strange Fruits is already home to some of the freshest up and coming new artists out there. Artists like Avocuddle, DMNDS, Koosen, and Green Bull are just a few to name.

All of the Strange Fruits artists also love to keep up with the theme of fruit with their unique sounds and fun fruit characters too! Strange Fruits artists have dropped some of the coolest remixes in the last year and put a focus on remixing songs that most of us all already know and love! All of the Strange Fruits also love to collaborate with one another and you’ll usually notice about 2-3 of them on each of their releases. The most popular release under Strange Fruits right now is Steve Void’s own take on Sweet Dreams which you can listen to here.

Here are two more Strange Fruits Spotify playlists that are update almost daily:

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