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Jauz posts up with remix of Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

Get a bite of this! Jauz has remixed one of Post Malone’s most top-rated tracks “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. He released it this past Saturday on Proximity’s YouTube channel and has already reached over almost 200k views. Jauz revamped this song by bringing in high-energy and bass-boosted basses. Everyone also knows the distinct sound that Jauz typically uses in his music. You’ll definitely be able to recognize it in this track!

In the video comments, Proximity has pushed Jauz to finish the track by claiming that they’ve bugged him for the past 3 months ever since it was played live. Fans are stoked that he caved in, getting massive support from people from all over the world. Fans have commented, “The drop and everything else is amazing” and, “This remix has massive build-up and brutal drop for Jauz!”

Jauz has been around in the EDM scene for many years now, 8 years to be exact. He is persistent in making himself relevant by being involved in other genres and reproducing other hit singles. This remix is just another success Jauz has pulled off once again and made it something of his own!

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This track is exclusively on Proximity, so check it out!

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