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Florida Powerhouses Nitti Gritti and Blunts & Blondes Get Loud on Latest Collab

Combining two sounds isn’t as easy as it seems, so when two artists are able to seamlessly blend their visions, creating something exciting and unique, we should all take notice. Florida producers Nitti Gritti and Blunts & Blondes recently teamed up for “The Loud.” It’s a work of art combining Blunts’ groovy, experimental bass and Nitti Gritti’s masterful, intense production. It’s the A-side of a two-sided release that includes “Losing Count” as well. Listen to “The Loud” below and get lost in the wonky melodies of these two masterminds.

From the beginning, this track oozes cerebral bliss, paying homage to the ganja-inspired themes. Coastal background melodies instantly take the listener to a chill, stress-free zone. Much like a caterpillar, this tune transforms, completely changing over time. It’s a journey of a track that’s wildly creative, featuring mind-altering, trippy, and stretched-out basslines along with hypnotizing waves of flow.

Nitti Gritti will be at Sunbar tomorrow, Friday, July 9th! Get last-minute tickets here.

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