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SubDocta and Shlump Collab on New Single ‘Cavern Dub’

Wonky dubstep DJ SubDocta, and psychedelic bass mixer Shlump, recently teamed up on a new track named “Cavern Dub” The new hit brings in slow, distorted sounds of water drops and waves, making one feel like they are listening from the depths of the ocean. “Cavern Dub” is on the calmer side of drum and bass and has a relaxing yet groovy beat to sway to.  Listen below!

Subdocta is currently on tour with Boogie T and is scheduled to hit a number of festivals across the country this year. Shlump, who recently killed his performance in Tempe, is also currently touring and will be appearing at multiple festivals this season.

Connect with SubDocta: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

Connect with Shlump: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

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