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Louis The Child Cure Heartbreak With ‘Hole In My Heart’

The boys have done it again! Louis The Child just released their latest track off of their upcoming EP, Euphoria. “Hole In My Heart” is a much-needed heartbreak anthem with TikTok sensation, Livingston! Livingston is a 19-year-old self-taught producer, singer, and songwriter from Denton, Texas. He told fans “if you feel broken, this song is for you”. 

Listen to “Hole In My Heart” below:

Only this dynamic duo can create a heartbreak anthem that instantly makes you smile. The vibrant and upbeat melody pairs perfectly with Livingston’s strong and one-of-a-kind vocals. Another magical track from Louis The Child that you can play on repeat all day long! One of my favorite things about Louis The Child tracks is how there is almost always a new story being told through the music. “Hole In My Heart” has raw emotion and makes you feel the hurt in the best way.

Of the release, the boys stated – “This song was one of our favorites to play every night on tour and we’re so happy with how Livingston sounds on it. He’s got one of those voices that just captivates you. He’s a really special human and we’re so happy to finally share this song with you.” 

With the new track also came the exciting announcement that the Euphoria EP will be out on October 15th! The EP will hold six tracks: ‘Euphoria’, ‘Hate U Cuz I Don’t’, ‘Hole In My Heart’, ‘Keep On Moving’, ‘So What’ and ‘Waiting To Feel Like This’. You can pre-save it here.

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