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DROELOE Shines with First Release as Solo Project

DROELOE, previously a dutch duo that split ways in October of 2020, has now returned with just former member Vince Rooijers taking the reins. Rooijers stays true to DROELOE’s beautiful, future bass melodies, unique acoustics, and uplifting tones that fans are already familiar with while bringing a new unmissable energy. His new song titled “Strangers,” is well-rounded track that is both reminiscent of the work of the past and revealing of the work that is to come. Listen to the new release below!

Dutch singer-songwriter Iris Penning lends her pop vocals to this candy-coated electronic masterpiece, her words singing of being somewhere completely new where no one knows your name, so you are free to be whoever you want. DROELOE’s production talent is dripping with finesse on this track, and foreshadows the artist’s ever-growing rise to success. He is currently mid-tour, playing breath-taking shows, and reminding listeners that DROELOE is back and better than ever.

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