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Jauz Transforms Pop Single ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’

Jauz has amazed listeners yet again, this time with his latest remix with beautifully reconstructs an emotional, vindictive track. The track, titled “i hope ur miserable until ur dead,” was originally released in August by singer-songwriter and Tik-Tok sensation Nessa Barrett. The track is about wishing the worst for someone who has wronged you. Jauz adds his own spin that transforms this vindictive pop tune into something new. Listen below:

Jauz takes the original pop-rock track and embeds it with a deeper, almost eerie soundscape that accompanies Barrett’s smooth vocals. Removing the energetic guitar strumming in the original, Jauz opts for distorted vocal effects and airy builds which ultimately lead to the drop, where this mix truly shines. If you’re in a “don’t forgive, don’t forget” kind of mood, this remix is for you!

Catch Jauz at Sunbar November 27th. Grab tickets here.

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