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Subtronics and GRiZ Take ‘Griztronics’ to Another Level

One wasn’t enough! Subtronics and GRiZ are taking “Griztronics” to the next level with a second version of their massive hit. Upon it’s release “Griztronics” became a staple at every show, on every stage, changing the scene for the wubbier. Listen to “Griztronics II” below!

“Griztronics II” has it all— the wonks and wubs, the bouncy basses, and the electrifying chords. Subtronics and GRiZ go back to back with their sound design, generating a certified funky banger. “Griztronics” hits different, but as promised part two take it to a whole new level!

You can catch Subtronics on tour at Rawhide Event Center this January 21st. See the full lineup and grab tickets here.

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