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REZZ Surprises Fans with Bonus Track ‘Menace’

Widely known and loved producer REZZ recently dropped her newest album, Spiral, which beautifully demonstrated the young artist’s ever-growing production skills and musical prowess.

With the album inspiring a North American tour of the same name set to kick off next month, REZZ’s signature sounds have been captivating listeners from all over, enticing them in with her unique blend of dark and electronic sensations. As a surprise gift, she recently shared a bonus track for the album, “Menace.” Listen to the brand new song below!

Fans quickly took to social media to share the excitement. “Menace” is a perfect addition to the album, honing in on the best of REZZ’s sonic elements and almost alluding to previous popular releases such as “Nightmare on Rezz Street” and “Hypnocurrency” with renowned producer Deadmau5. The sky is the limit for this ambitious artist, and she is certainly one we’ll continue to watch!

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Photo: RUKES

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