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Oddprophet Drops Sentimental Single ‘Angels & Blindfolds’

An absolute icon in terms of sound design, audio quality, and more Oddprophet is easily one of the best in the game today. Another example of his unparalleled production chops, Oddprophet is back once again with a brand-new single, “Angels & Blindfolds.”

As soon as the first few notes of “Angels & Blindfolds” hit, the listener is drawn in. It begins with a brassy hook, otherworldly ambiance, and vivacious vocal chops. As the hype begins to build with drums, heavy guitars, and sheer anticipation, the listener only grows more and more excited as the track progresses. Then, before the first of several incredible drops, Oddprophet teases the world with one of his signature sounds–a squeaky, sinister, and sickening bassline.

In mere moments, the listener is launched face-first into the first of three vicious drops. Complete with devastating drums, masterful sound design, and impeccable flow to and fro, every single drop is a dangerous delight in its own right. Whether one is hoping for machine gun basses, left-field switches, mind-melting moments, or anything else, “Angels & Blindfolds” does not disappoint. Rather, it continues to raise the bar, just as one would expect from the prolific Oddprophet. For more information about this sentimental single, check out the official Oddprophet post below.

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