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Alison Wonderland Shows Us We Really Aren’t Alone on Third Album ‘Loner’

Alison Wonderland, an Australian DJ & producer, has finally released her highly anticipated third studio album Loner. It’s been four years since her sophomore album Awake and fans have been patiently waiting to see what new, unique and innovative music Alison has up her sleeve. Composed of 12 exceptional tracks, Loner is filled with deeply vulnerable lyrics, bass rhythms, classic Alison Wonderland style trap beats & a honest viewpoint on mental health. Listen below!

Loner is Wonderland’s first album without any features or collaborations. The opening track, “Forever,” sets the tone for the emotional rollercoaster Wonderland will take her fans on. Highlighting the optimism present throughout the album Alison sings, “It’ll feel like forever until it doesn’t” inspiring listeners to look ahead to a better future rather than ruminating on issues in the present. On the B-side of Loner, “Cocaine” and “Fear of Dying” shows Wonderland’s courageous vulnerability, even moreso than in her previous albums, with what she has gone through in the last 4 years. Alison has never been shy to discuss her own struggles with mental health, specifically with her own battle with depression, but Loner truly shows us her at her most vulnerable. “My life was going a certain way before something pulled everything out from under me,” Wonderland explains in a press release, “I felt like I had hit my rock bottom.” Loner shows us that there is always a light that comes after the storm. It helps the listener to empower their own strength in being alone and reminds us that one day it’ll be okay. 

Wonderland is one of electronic music’s most acclaimed artists with more than 800 million global streams across all her songs. In Loner, Alison shows us her most raw self to date and tells us how she took control of her own narrative specifically in a challenging time for mental health during the pandemic.

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