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Flume Shares Groundbreaking New Album ‘Palaces’

Renowned Australian musician Flume has always been known as one of the most creative and inventive DJ/producers in electronic music. It’s officially been a decade since he first shared his self-titled debut album that generated his rise to fame and 6 years since his last full length album ‘Skin’. Luckily, the king is back! The GRAMMY-award winning artist has just recently released his latest and greatest highly anticipated album ‘Palaces’ via Future Classic. Check out ‘Palaces’ below:

Known as a future bass trailblazer and an absolute genius when it comes to building blooming soundscapes, Flume has always kept his creativity and originality number one. He consistently leaves fans never knowing what to expect but always wanting more with his eclectic collection of sounds. ‘Palaces’ is yet another perfect portfolio to describe Flume as an artist. Featuring collaborations with Damon Albarn, QUIET BISON, MAY-A, LAUREL, Oklou and many more, this release is a revolutionary masterpiece.

Leaving LA to go back home to Australia left Flume feeling inspired by serenity leading him to share a more peaceful side of Flume through ‘Palaces’. Flume stated —

“I’d gone home to Australia, started life in the countryside, and felt like I’d found my palace. That’s where the record really came together. I was having a bit of trouble with music in the States. Going home—all that room, the simple life, it just gave me the space to create. And it just felt like a sanctuary.”

Well thank goodness for the countryside, right? Flume’s artistry goes far beyond music and his brilliance is colossal. You do not want to miss out on experiencing Flume live this September 3rd at the Phoenix Raceway. Get more information on the event and grab your tickets here.

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