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ISOxo Releases Long Awaited Single ‘REDloop’

ISOxo, also known as Julian Isorena, is an American DJ and producer. He has been widely recognized as the future of trap music as he has been pushing boundaries and shining brightly on Sable Valley, RL Grime’s label. “REDloop” has been anticipated for months since RL Grime notably debuted it in his live Halloween X set at the Hollywood Palladium back in October. The synth-heavy drop and piercing bass is an excellent representation of where trap music is right now and was released just in time for festival season.

Listen to “REDloop” here:

He is a master at sound design as seen in his ability to build suspense and finish with unrelenting energy and filthy bass beats in his drops, as can be heard in “REDloop”. ISOxo has already solidified himself as a significant leader in trap with all of his massive releases on Sable Valley so far. He also just completed his debut headline tour NIGHTREALM, promoting his first EP. While trap may not be at the forefront of EDM like it was a few years ago, it’s no shocker that all of ISOxo’s tunes have been heavily rinsed in festival sets across the country by many acclaimed producers. “REDloop” will likely be no different so you can expect to hear it in sets all festival season. ISOxo will be making his festival debut this summer and we are looking forward to see what he releases next.

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