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Kaivon Drops Debut Album “Awakening”

Since his first release in 2016, Kaivon has been a welcomes presence in the electronic scene for his positive messages of never feeling alone, living in the present moment, and being your true self. His debut album Awakening amplify and expands upon these messages. Listen below!

The album starts strong with lead single “It’s Not Too Late.” Opening with a synth-like buildup, this track has a multitude of deep flyers. With the first melodic drop, the scene is set for Awakening.

Segueing into “Lost,” Kaivon builds this tune with exceptionally strong vocals that streamline the various drops of the song perfectly. The song keeps listeners on their toes as it heads in different directions at each drop, which makes for a surprising and entertaining experience.

You know those tracks that are perfect to drive to on a starlit night, top-down, at full volume? With etherial vocals? “I Know” is absolutely the song on Awakening. Tracks like “I Feel It” and “Everything” continue to build the vocal experience that Kaivon emulates with this entire album. Entangling electronic elements and lyrics together with magnetic drops that pull you in for more.

Fastforwarding, “Awakening (Interlude)” and “Awakening” come together with a spoken-word introduction that emphasizes “stepping out of time and mind-patterns,” and “stepping into the now.” This transitions seamlessly into the title-track, Awakening which really captures the essence of the album in one beautiful track.

Want to catch Kaivon drop some of these tracks on tour? You can catch Kaivon at HB Social Club (Honolulu) on 11/05/2022 and at The Van Buren 12/09/2022.

Grab your tickets for HB Social Club show here!
Grab your tickets for The Van Buren show here!

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