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Deathpact Cycles Through Death and Rebirth on ‘MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02’

Materializing from the shadows, Deathpact is a musical enigma cloaked in darkness. The mid-tempo and dark bass producer—or producers—silently emerged onto the scene in 2018 with their “Life & Death” collaboration alongside Rezz. Since then, Deathpact has created a multidimensional universe through meticulously executed projects filled with complex narratives while their identity remains under the radar. From their two-part Cipher album series to their SPLIT // PERSONALITY double album, Deathpact has showcased a wide range of bass styles that entices listeners to step into their deliciously delirious and dark world.

Deathpact’s latest project, MIDHEAVEN, is an exploration into the artist’s duality and expands their repertoire of distorted, hard-hitting basslines to include emotive, atmospheric melodies. The first installation in the series, MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 01, featured a bass-heavy, wobble-inducing A-side and a dialed-back, hypnotic B-side. MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02, released most recently, follows in a similar fashion: a heavy-hitting A-side juxtaposed by a softer, slower B-side.

Listen to MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02 below:

On the A-side of MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02, “BACK FROM THE DEAD” opens with ceremonial grandeur; a dynamic build-up leads to a distorted, bass-driven descent into darkness to resurrect an otherworldly entity from the depths of hell. A gritty bassline, demented laughter, and shattering glass contribute to the chaos. While “BACK FROM THE DEAD” feels like a summoning ritual, “FALLING” feels like a sanctuary. “FALLING” is a farewell ode to a life that is ceasing to exist; heavenly vocals lament a dying relationship, accompanied by melancholic piano chords interspaced with glitchy synths. A whispering woman’s voice in a state of somber reflection is heard at the end of the track as the sounds of children playing echo innocently in the background. MIDHEAVEN: OPUS 02 embodies the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Deathpact will be materializing at this year’s annual Decadence Arizona, alongside Liquid Stranger, Kayzo, and more. The event will be held at the Phoenix Raceway, from December 30th-31st. For more information, and to purchase tickets, click here!

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