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Subtronics Unveils 24-Track ‘ANTIFRACTALS’ Album

Subtronics has been leveling up all year long. From releasing his debut album FRACTALS this January to hosting and selling out massive events like Cyclops Rocks and Cyclops Cove, he has been all gas and no brakes!

This month the stars have fully aligned and Subtronics has given us a full circle moment with his 24-track FRACTALS follow up, ANTIFRACTALS. Taking FRACTALS to the next level, ANTIFRACTALS features 10 VIP versions from himself and 14 remixes done by other heavy-hitters like A Hundred Drums, PEEKABOO, Virtual Riot, Wooli, and many more. Check out ANTIFRACTALS below:

Subtronics’ fans have been so ecstatic about this release that it broke over a million streams in less than 24 hours! The recognition is very much well deserved. The high energy and diversity that ANTIFRACTALS carries is absolutely monumental. Subtronics delivers an array of thrilling dubstep tracks and even some tech house creating a total masterpiece.  

Of the release Subtronics stated:

“ANTIFRACTALS is the follow-up VIP and remix album to FRACTALS which dropped last year. It includes tons of VIPS by me and remixes from some of my favorite artists out there. I’m honored to have so many top-tier producers put their spin on my vision, it really means the world to me, and I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of them. Over the last year, I have continued to evolve as an artist, so ANTIFRACTALS has been an awesome journey for me to refine FRACTALS even further. I think I like these versions better than the originals.”

The ANTIFRACTAL tour will kick off this next month where Subtronics and his special guests will take over legendary venues all across the nation. You can catch the ANTIFRACTAL tour at 11:11 in El Paso, Texas with tickets here, or at Revel in Albuquerque, New Mexico with tickets here. Subtronics will also be helping us celebrate the New Year at Decadence Arizona on December 30th-31st at the Phoenix Raceway! Check out the rest of the lineup and grab your festival tickets here.

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