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RB Exclusive Interview: Nils Hoffmann

Berlin artist Nils Hoffman has always found solace in making music. He’s a classically trained instrumentalist and grew up listening to producers like Paul Kalkbrenner and Trentemoller, inspiring him to start producing melodic, deep, and progressive house. His music has taken him across the globe, earning him a dedicated fanbase and 75+ million streams across platforms. We’re excited he’s bringing his music to Tempe and Honolulu as part of his A Radiant Sign tour. We had the chance to chat with him ahead of his upcoming performances; check it out below!

Congratulations on the success of your recent album, A Radiant Sign! You’ve mentioned the music and songwriting on this album is more evolved than previous projects. What do you mean by that, and what do you attribute that too? 

On this album, I spent a lot more time in writing sessions working not just on the songs themselves, but also how the songs fit together to form a cohesive story. I was happy to be able to work with so many talented people who helped me bring the album to life.

You have an incredible catalog of remixes, and recently revealed that you’re working on a new classic. What do you think makes a great remix?

On a lot of my remixes, I think it’s important to add something new to the song and give fans a new way to interpret it. However, if I don’t think I can add value to a song, I don’t try and remix it.  

Fans have been enjoying your seasonal mixes for over five years now! What goes into the track selection for those mixes?

It’s mostly a reflection of what I’m listening to at the time. In my sets I play almost 100% my own music so these are cool opportunities to play other tracks I like.

What are some tracks you have on repeat right now?

I really like Vigil by Golden Features.

What have been some of your favorite moments from the A Radiant Sign world tour so far? Any standout crowds or bucketlist stops?

All of the shows have been incredible. The highlights have been meeting fans after the shows and getting to know them.

We’re excited to be hosting your tour stops in Tempe, Arizona and Honolulu, Hawaii! What should fans expect from your set?

They can expect a great show with new visuals and maybe even some unreleased music!

You can catch Nils Hoffman TOMORROW, February 3rd, at Darkstar in Tempe and in Honolulu on March 3rd!

Connect with Nils Hoffmann: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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