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Prepare for the Bass: Seven Lions, TroyBoi, and More at Dusk Music Festival!

Dusk Music Festival in Tucson on November 10th and 11th is gearing up to be one for the books. Settled in the heart of the beautiful Jacome Plaza, this venue in the middle of the cityscape adds to the energetic atmosphere. With a diverse lineup featuring favorites from various genres, there’s something for everyone. Check out these bass artists who will be stealing your soul at Dusk!

Seven Lions

The king of melodic bass himself. Prepare to be transported to an otherworldly realm as Seven Lions unleashes his melodic bass creations, fusing beautiful vocals with thunderous drops that will stir your emotions and elevate your soul.

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Get ready to be captivated by TroyBoi’s unique blend of trap, hip-hop, and experimental sounds. With infectious beats and mind-bending basslines, his genre-bending music will have you grooving and bouncing to the rhythm like never before.

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Brace yourself for an intense and mysterious journey as Deathpact takes the stage. With dark and gritty soundscapes, this mysterious producer crafts a experience that pushes the boundaries of bass music, leaving you in awe of what you experience.

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Ray Volpe

Rising star in the dubstep scene, his energetic and relentless sound will have you headbanging and craving more with each bone-rattling beat. While most well-known for “Laserbeam,” he has many incredible songs that will send you into a frenzy.

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While these artists have very few bass songs, they play a lot of bass in their sets. Check them out!

GG Magree

Prepare for an explosive and genre-blurring performance from GG Magree as she fuses elements of dubstep, trap, and hard-hitting bass. Her boundary-pushing style will keep you on your toes, and her set will be unforgettable.

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DJ Snake

Get ready to surrender to the infectious rhythms and pulsating beats of DJ Snake. With his chart-topping hits and high-energy performances, he’ll take you on a wild ride through a diverse range of electronic music genres, leaving you breathless and craving more.

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We can’t wait to dance at Dusk on November 10th and 11th, get your tickets here!

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