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Sizzling Sounds of Summer: 5 Must-Add Tracks to Your Arizona Pool Party Playlist!

As summer comes to a close (though does it ever really end in Arizona?), I wanted to share five new songs I’ve added to my playlist. Pool time is essential when you live in Arizona, and the playlist sets the mood for the entire party! Pool parties are all about relaxation, fun, and enjoying your favorite tunes. Since a diverse playlist can be necessary for larger groups, here are five different songs that you should add to your pool playlist right now.

“Come Together” by Urbandawn, Tyson Kelly

Starting off with a classic song featuring a drum and bass kick, Urbandawn showcases why he dominates the DNB scene. His hit song, “Come Together,” has been on repeat for me this summer. Released in 2019, the track went on to win the “Drum & Bass Arena Award for “Best Track” and still continues to dominate the dance floor today. With an incredibly well-produced breakdown at the end that perfectly complements the simple yet groovy drop, this is a song that promises to get the crowd moving, even if the crowd is just in the pool.

“Disconnected” by NGHTMRE, Big Gigantic

“Lose Control” are the first lyrics in this song, and what a great indication of what’s about to come. With a fantastic buildup culminating in a beautiful short saxophone melody, the bass house drop promises to get everyone dancing. While I wouldn’t categorize “Disconnected” as a “hard” bass house song, its simplicity adds to the infectious beats, making them even more enjoyable. This one has been on repeat since the Gigantic NGHTMRE EP dropped!

“Take IT Off” by Fisher, Aatig

The hottest house release, in my opinion, this year is “Take It Off” which serves as both a dance floor anthem and a pool party favorite. With a beautiful bassline from the very beginning, Fisher creates an incredible buildup with bright, almost squishy sounds, culminating in a drop that’s irresistible to dancers. The second drop might have the best buildup of any 2023 release personally, and I’m usually not into house music. The beautiful synths that crescendo during the buildup set the tone for this fantastic track, making it a true summer anthem.

“Right Back” by AlleyCvt

Songs with strong vocals are crucial for pool parties as they drive the party, and AlleyCvt absolutely delivers on the vocals in her song “Right Back.” This one is for the bass lovers and will be a breath of fresh air from the typical dubstep you hear. Blurring the line between mid-tempo and dubstep, AlleyCvt captivates crowds with her signature sound, and “Right Back” showcases that bass-heavy style with her beautiful voice leading us into the drop. This song will undoubtedly spark conversations among the bass lovers at the pool.

“Blow Your Mind” by Cool Customer

Last but not least, Cool Customer absolutely delivers a summer banger with “Blow Your Mind”. Supported by some of the biggest names in the game, such as Subtronics and LSDREAM, this tune promises to get the crowd moving. With a beautiful hook leading into a faster-paced space bass drop, it’s sure to surprise your guests in the best way possible. Featuring a faster tempo that encourages the best dance moves, this one remains a must-have on any pool party playlist we create.

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