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Discover the Underground: SoundCloud’s Treasure Trove of Unreleased Music

SoundCloud has always been a personal favorite of mine. While it lacks the “fun” elements that bigger music streaming platforms have, it is a treasure trove of unreleased music and the platform for music connoisseurs. Not only can you find fire mixes and songs from undiscovered artists, but big festival-level artists post their own edits and unreleased tracks on SoundCloud, most of which will never make it to the bigger streaming platforms. While I mainly listen to Spotify, I always find myself going back to SoundCloud at least once a week to listen to SoundCloud exclusives, and I wanted to share five of my favorites!

“Miguel – Do You…(Cashmere Cat Remix)” by Cashmere Cat, Miguel


“Do You” by Miguel is such a smooth R&B song that you may not think it could get any better, but Cashmere Cat elevates this track to the next level. Starting with beautiful arpeggios that are carried throughout the entire song, Cashmere Cat’s musical production shines brightly and complements Miguel’s beautiful voice. When it drops, you have an exciting trap drop, which leads into another beautiful drop that really highlights the arpeggios. Definitely a great song to listen to when you are cruising with the windows down.

“Rumble (San Holo Existential Remix)” by San Holo, Skrillex, Fred again.., Flowdan

San Holo has named this remix his ‘Existential Remix,’ which is such a fitting name as this song brings out emotions with his take on what will be a forever classic song. ‘Rumble’ is already a great song, but San Holo’s soaring melody takes the song to a brighter side, and it’s one that has been on repeat for months. A perfect song to listen to while watching a sunset and appreciating the small things in life.

“1 On 1 (Soul Valient & Scarexx Remix)” by Soul Valient, Scarexx, Excision, Space Laces

Supported by Excision himself, this remix of “1 On 1” promises to blow your socks off. With a really well-constructed first buildup, the drop reveals that this song is much heavier than the original, and the amount of distortion really emphasizes the bass. Somehow, the second drop is even heavier and will definitely break your neck. Soul Valient and Scarexx are making a name for themselves in the scene with their SoundCloud remixes, check them out! This remix is perfect for a pregame for a bass show!

“It Goes In Waves / Self Care (Inzo Edit)” by Inzo, Mac Miller, Blookah, Align

What a combo. “It Goes In Waves” has always been one of my favorite chill EDM tracks, and Inzo’s edit with the addition of “Self Care’s” vocals takes it to the next level. While I don’t think EDM tracks need words, as the sound construction is the storyteller, having lyrics to drive the song is always appreciated, especially from a vocal master like Mac Miller. This is a perfect song when you are just chilling at home, cooking dinner for the family.

“Is There Any Love” by GRiZ

My favorite artist in the entire world did not miss when he released a song he made in one day, “Is There Any Love.” With the meaning of the song focusing on the fact that love still exists in any dark time, the samples GRiZ uses truly take the song to the next level. His sound production never ceases to amaze me, with soaring melodies over classic bass sounds, and with a wave funk bass drop coming in the latter half of the song, he reminds everyone why he is a top-tier headliner. This is the perfect song for a pregame for a GRiZ show!

Speaking of that, GRiZ’s three-day Ursa Major festival will kickoff in Flagstaff in less than two weeks! Tickets are currently sold out, but more info about Ursa Major can be found here!

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