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Bittersweet Beauty: Adventure Club & Codeko’s New Hit ‘Feels Like You’

Adventure Club and Codeko joined forces to release “Feels Like You,” and it’s a certified banger. This duo seems like a match made in heaven — they both share a love for melodic bass but are willing to explore other genres, paving the way for something new and extraordinary.

The song is beautiful yet bittersweet. The lyrics express the desire for someone’s presence and how many things remind me of that person, but also convey the sentiment, “I don’t want you, just someone who feels like you.” This message is powerfully amplified by the wonderful production. The first drop features a melodic composition, with the lyrics soaring above the melody. The second drop continues the style of the first drop, creating a wonderful track that continues to infuse emotions into electronic music.

Adventure Club has experienced a resurgence this year, making more frequent appearances in festival lineups, which has been incredible to witness. Adventure Club was the introduction to dubstep for many people, with tunes such as “Crave You” and “Crash 2.0”.  Codeko has also been on fire this year, appearing more frequently in lineups, including some significant shows with Gryffin. His style is gaining recognition, with tracks like his remix of “Nobody Compares To You” and “Don’t Look Down (Hold On)” capturing the attention of many.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to catch Adventure Club at Decadence Arizona, and it promises to be a set for the ages. Get your tickets here!

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