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Discover the Ultimate Musical Journey: 5 Songs That Will Take You on an Epic Ride

Sometimes when I put on music, I want to rage with excitement. Other times, I just want to chill. And sometimes, I want the music to take me on a carefully constructed journey that showcases different elements of production and various genres. I wanted to share five songs that do just that; these songs are a journey. With multiple different drops, often in completely different genres, these songs are meant to showcase a journey through song construction. If you are a fan of music that’s not necessarily meant for partying but for a deep and immersive experience, these songs are for you!

“Naked Soul” by Last Heroes, Liel Kolet

Last Heroes kicks off this list with an incredible song, “Naked Soul.” Starting off, listeners are treated to the beautiful voice of Liel Kolet, who sings about showcasing one’s genuine self to their partner, something I’m sure many of us can relate to. The first buildup wonderfully complements the vocals and leads into a powerful melodic bass drop with soaring notes that elevate the soul, all still complemented by beautiful vocals. The second buildup surprises us with a psytrance drop that gets you moving and continues all the way into the third drop, which hits you like a truck with a future melodic bass drop with triplets emphasizing the power of the song. If you like Seven Lions, this song is for you!

“Better Off Alone” by Kai Wachi, RUNN

Kai Wachi followed up his hit song “Run” with “Better Off Alone,” and both are incredible songs that could have made this list. “Better Off Alone” speaks about one wondering if they are better off alone, which is also something many of us can relate to. Similar to “Run,” the first drop is a dark melodic bass drop with bass accents, as listeners get in their feelings. With an incredible buildup to the second drop, which really highlights the talents of RUNN, the iconic “switch it” happens with an absolutely monumental dubstep drop, spearheaded by a high-pitched reverberating note that tears the ground apart. Continuing on the journey, the third drop comes quickly and is a half-time breakdown with vocal chops, showcasing Kai Wachi’s mastery. If you liked “Run,” this song is for you.

“Gravity” by Slander, Subtronics, JT Roach

When two titans in the bass industry collide, you get a masterpiece, and “Gravity” is just that. With wonderful vocals by JT Roach, this song talks about being pulled to one person, even though we are trying to get away. This song has incredible production, as both artists are well-regarded for their songs. With a beautiful orchestra buildup, the first drop sends us into a frenzy with a heavy, well-constructed dubstep drop. Quickly following this comes the second drop, which has the dubstep drop from the first drop but introduces a counter melody in Subtronic’s signature high-pitched sound. Continuing on this journey, the third drop opens up into beautiful orchestra chords, with powerful future bass sending emotions through your core. If you like bass music and Louis the Child, this one is for you.

“Into Pieces VIP” by Subtronics, Grabbitz

The king of VIPs absolutely delivered with this track on his Anti Fractals album. Starting off with the beautiful vocals from Grabbitz, the listener is drawn in with a story of love. A story of how we will fall into pieces with you after you broke down our walls. The vocals are accented by beautiful chords, and as the first buildup happens, it opens into powerful bass chords that will send your soul into a frenzy. Dropping into a future bass dubstep song, the drop evolves into a sound that seemingly warps space. Of course, coming in hot in the second drop is the true dubstep drop, with high-pitched sounds going off to let you go crazy. If you liked the original, this song is for you!

“Sojourn” by Seven Lions, Crystal Skies

Rounding out this list is an absolute banger by Seven Lions and Crystal Skies. Starting off with a piano highlighting the melody, the song quickly builds into the first drop. At the drop, it sounds like the sound plummets and goes into a powerful melodic bass drop. Halfway through, it switches quickly to the second drop. Starting off with the sound plummeting, it goes into a gnarly dubstep drop that promises to move anyone listening to it. Ever the masters of sound, they absolutely nailed the last drop, which is a fast-tempo psytrance song. Overall, this song is such a journey, and if you like melodic bass, this song is for you!

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