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GRiZ’s Farewell: Reflecting on a Decade of Musical Brilliance

Dear GRiZ,

While we knew this moment would come, it’s hard to believe that it is almost here. While definitely bittersweet, we absolutely understand the need to take a much-deserved break, and we will wait patiently for whatever the future holds. We wanted to take a moment to appreciate your musical journey and to show our thanks every step of the way.

With your debut album, End of the World, we knew that you were here to stay. The absolute mastery of those songs, even by today’s standards, amazed us. With classics such as “Grizzlor” and “Chasing Galaxies,” you showed us not only that you were a great producer but also that you were a trailblazer. That you were someone who was going to go their own way with your head held high. And that is something that we all resonated with. Really breaking into the scene with Mad Liberation, you continued to show us that your distinct mix of funk and house was going to propel you to great heights. With all-time bangers such as “Smash the Funk” and “Where’s the Love,” the album from start to finish is timeless.

Continuing with Rebel Era and Say It Loud, you showed you could carry the funk genre on your back. And for that, we will never stop appreciating you. Many of us, to this day, put on those albums and just jam, and the happy memories they bring are priceless. Who could forget your release of “Good Times Roll” with Big Gigantic, a song that even made it into TV commercials? We are so glad that “Good Times Roll” propelled you even further into the spotlight because there is no one else more deserving.

Around this time is when you first blessed the world with the first installment of Chasing the Golden Hour, showcasing that your production skills are widespread. This album brought peace and joy into our lives and is used by many to relax and truly be present in the moment. Next came Good Will Prevail, and what a moment in time that was. Every song was a banger, with masterpieces such as “Gotta Push On,” “My Friends and I,” and “Can’t Hold Me Down.” Ride Waves, the next album, was also a masterpiece and showed a less bassy yet much more intricate instrumental side of you. This album is many people’s favorite, with absolute hits such as “It Gets Better” and “Maybe.”

Next came a slew of EPs and singles, bringing us joy in a dark time. Who could forget when you released “Griztronics”? The fact that almost every DJ was playing it in their sets, and we got a glimpse of GRiZ every time it was played, was incredible. It brought so many fans to you, and nothing could make us happier. Releasing two more Chasing the Golden Hour albums as well, the amount of music you were putting out was astounding. Yet, each release was methodically produced, and even with the massive amount of music being released, every track met the highest standards, and we could tell you were working tirelessly behind the scenes for us.

Your second-to-last album, Rainbow Brain, truly blew everyone’s minds. The fact that it was a continuous album was incredible and showed how much you cared about us. It showed how much work you put in for us on a day-to-day basis. With classics such as “Astro Funk” and “Vibe Check,” I know many of us still have this album on repeat. Your last released album so far, the fourth installment of Chasing the Golden Hour, was such a vibe and also brought us so much joy. We also really appreciated your entrance into bass music, with many bass DJs looking up to you as you brought a fresh perspective to the often oversaturated bass music genre. We can never thank you enough for dropping the ID Bible.

This entire time, you were releasing album after album, EP after EP, single after single, you were putting on shows for us. First touring and then pivoting to curated events and festivals, you created a community of love, inclusivity, and incredible music. You also blessed us with many free shows for the people, which is rare for an artist of your caliber. Throughout this entire journey, selling out arenas, entire festivals, etc., you never were cocky. You never thought you were better than anyone. You showed and spread love, setting an incredible example for us. That no matter how popular we got, to stay humble, and most importantly, to always show love.

GRiZ, we will miss you dearly. But we wanted to thank you again for the memories. For the friendships that we gained at your shows. For the environment that you were directly responsible for creating, by showing and spreading love. But we fully support you in this journey every step of the way, including this indefinite hiatus. You truly deserve the world because you have always given us everything that you had. We wish you the best, and it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later. See you on the other side.


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