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Ursa Major Festival Delivers the Ultimate Music Experience

Ursa Major was an absolute dream. From the crowd, the layout and venue, the diverse range of artists supporting GRiZ, and of course the three GRiZ sets, everything was executed perfectly, making it one of the best festivals of the year. We want to recap each day for those who weren’t there and for those who want a reminder of the wonderful weekend of Ursa Major.

The Venue

Not knowing what to expect from this venue, nerves were high, but the immediate professionalism and friendliness of the staff set everyone at ease. Walking into the central area, there was a local stage with artists playing house music and wonderful art and merch booths. A short five-minute walk from the central area led to the Pepsi Amphitheater stage, the home for the artists on the lineup. With only one stage, there were no set conflicts all weekend, which was a blessing. The amphitheater offered multiple viewing options, including the pit close to the stage, actual seats behind the pit, and a vast lawn area for sitting down and laying out a blanket.

Day 1

Day 1 kicked off with Never Dull, a house artist who got the crowd dancing and turned everyone’s excitement into a dance frenzy. Taking the stage next was Justin Jay, a house DJ with a passion for playing whatever he wanted, and his set proved it. Starting with a trap song that blew everyone’s minds, his set was fun and diverse. Next up was the debut of Prob Cause and Chrishira’s live band set with Sunsquabi, which was one for the books. Witnessing an entire performance by Prob Cause and Chrishira was mind-blowing, with Sunsquabi jamming alongside them. Transporting us to another dimension were Black Carl and Of The Trees, both delivering amazing sets that showcased why they were rising stars in the space bass genre. Closing out the night was none other than GRiZ, with a heavy bass-focused set. This set featured bass classics like “Ecstasy of Soul” and “Saxoriddim.” It was truly a set for the ages.

Day 2

The day began with space bass artists Zen Selekta and Freddy Todd, who took us to outer space with their distinct styles of space bass. Sunsquabi then returned for a second set, getting the crowd into a groove and setting the stage perfectly for the king himself. GRiZ played a sunset set, this time dedicated to Chasing the Golden Hour. The first 45 minutes had the usual chill vibe, but he took it to another level for the second half of the set, delving into his unreleased future bass songs and throwing in a couple of throwbacks like “Fine Way to Die” and “Get Down.” Following this set was Luczid, another space bass artist with a distinct sound. Getting funkier, Daily Bread took the stage, offering a perfect blend of funk and space bass. Closing out night two was none other than the legend Opiuo himself, who delivered an incredible funky set that closed the night on a high note.

Day 3

Starting off funky and fun, Mcwavy opened up day 3 with a wonderful set filled with funk and house music. Day 3 featured mostly house artists, each one playing a distinct set, and it was apparent that every artist put a lot of effort into their performance. Motifv and Parkbreezy b2b Thoughtprocess were the next two sets, each offering fun house music sets that kept the crowd on their feet. Flamingosis also delivered an incredible set, becoming one of our favorites of the weekend. Maddy O’Neal came on strong, playing many trap songs and providing a breath of fresh air. Future bass icon Inzo was up next, setting a perfect vibe for GRiZ’s closing set. Closing out the festival, GRiZ played a throwback set, featuring many crowd favorites such as “Gettin Live” and “Can’t Hold Me Down.” Overall, it was one of the best festivals of the year, and maybe ever. We wish GRiZ a wonderful break and thank him for all the memories!

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