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Chasing the Sun: 5 Must-Hear Sunset Tracks for Arizona’s Music Lovers

Living in Arizona, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire country. I truly enjoy listening to creative electronic tracks during a sunset to set the perfect tone for the rest of the night. Often, the songs of choice aren’t ‘party’ tracks, but rather songs with a fun song structure that keeps my interest, no matter where the night takes us. I’d like to share five of my favorite songs to play during a sunset – these are tracks meant for relaxation, reflection, and simply savoring the production of the music. If you’re a fan of future trap, this list is for you!

“Home” by Marauda

The king of tear-out dubstep delivers a stunning, chill, melodic track with “Home.” Unlike anything he has ever released, this beautiful track is perfect for a sunset. It starts off in a relaxed manner with incredible deep dub accents, and the wonderful melody persists throughout the entire song. Marauda showcases his production prowess, and we can only hope for more tracks like this one. If you enjoy Petite Biscuit, this song is for you!

“Under the norther lights.” by The Caracal Project

The Caracal Project nailed this future trap song, making it one of my all-time favorites. The track starts with a captivating chorus featuring beautiful vocals that carry the tune. As the buildup begins, the triplets start to emerge, and when the drop hits, the future trap triplets take over, infusing the song with emotion. In the second half of the drop, it morphs into an almost Madeon-like future bass song, introducing a wonderful melody that adds a new dimension to the music. If you appreciate Madeon, this song is for you!

“Blue Sage” by Ganja White Night

“Blue Sage” is one of my all-time favorite Ganja White Night songs, known for their heavier bass hits. This track stands out as one one of their most chill pieces, maintaining the high level of production quality you’d expect. Featured on their Hybrid Distillery album, it’s a throwback that has stood the test of time. With a chill future trap vibe, the song evolves with a unique chord structure and incredible background accents and riffs. It’s a continuous track that builds upon itself, never getting old. If you’re a fan of cinematic EDM, this song is for you!

“Wish I Could Forget” by Slander, blackbear, Bring Me The Horizon

In this massive collaboration, Slander, blackbear, and Bring Me The Horizon combine their styles to create a powerful track. While wonderful vocals are expected in any Slander song, Bring Me the Horizon takes it to the next level. With a profound message about how some memories last a lifetime (even when we don’t want them to), the song is elevated with a fantastic future trap drop, sure to get any crowd dancing. If you’re a Slander fan, you’ll love this song!

“Over Saturated” by Tape B

Rounding out the list is the rising star, Tape B. Known for his wave-like bass production, he delivers with “Over Saturated.” The song builds up quickly, leading to a wave bass drop where the bass notes carry the melody throughout the entire track. With vocals woven into the song, this is a piece that will endure. If you’re a fan of old-school Zeds Dead, this song is for you!

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