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Connor Price: Bridging the Gap Between Rap & EDM with Unmatched Versatility

EDM has a hold on my heart, and honestly, there is no room for any other genres of music. However, from time to time, I dabble in other genres and recently came across Connor Price. Handling both the production of the track and the vocals/rap, Connor Price is poised to headline festivals one day. His production is very akin to electronic music production, utilizing many EDM production skills and notes. His songs also have a great flow, as he raps on all of them with an incredibly smooth delivery. I wanted to share five of my favorite songs of his; I hope you enjoy!

”SPLAT” by Connor Price

This song starts with a wonderful melody composed of manipulated guitar chords. Soon, the bassline and vocals come in, serving as a buildup into the “drop” where he starts rapping. The song speaks of how someone is stringing you along and how you process that feeling as you move on. The song has future bass elements, with bright sounds emphasizing the melody, including a change in rhythm to mark different parts of the song. If you like Louis the Child, this song is for you!

“Drop” by Connor Price, Zensery

Connor nailed this song. Named “Drop” as a reference to electronic music, the beat is something you would hear at a house show. With a fun message about how we are going to the top and not waiting for anything, including the drop, this song has a lot going for it. With a quick “buildup,” the beat drops into a groovy bass house mix, and it carries throughout the entire song. With deep bass notes, this song will get you dancing. If you like artists like Dr. Fresch, this song is for you!

“Violet” by Connor Price, Killa

Connor pulled out all the stops for this track. With a creative use of the sound of a plucked guitar string, he manipulates the sound to create a catchy melody. This song really highlights Connor Price’s flow as it perfectly complements the beat and chord progression. With a fun feature by Killa, this song will keep you on your toes the entire time. Creating this trap song that flows, it is one that will be on repeat. If you like Troyboi, this song is for you!

“Spinnin” by Connor Price, Bens

Another creative song in terms of production, Connor uses the wind flute to create the melody. Like “Violet,” this song can be classified as trap (though, what are genres really?). The incredible flow of the rap highlights the unique melody structure, using sounds that are rarely found in any artist’s songs. Creating almost a counter melody with his voice, the flow in this song is insane. If you like Major Lazer, this song is for you!

“Thrillin” by Connor Price, Lex Bratcher

This song has incredible production as well. Starting off with an intricate arrangement of sounds, the rap part comes quickly, and the bassline production really ramps up. With many cascades in the bassline, this song is very groovy. With a fun feature by Lex Bratcher, this song is on repeat!

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