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Dubstep Takes Flight: 5 Tracks That Capture the Essence of Birds!

What I love about electronic music, especially songs with minimal vocals, is that it allows you to create the story yourself. The music guides you, but you are the storyteller. Somehow, I’ve crafted a playlist of bass songs that remind me of birds, thanks to their fluttery sounds. When I listen to this playlist, I can imagine different birds living their lives with the bass song as their background music. While it may seem silly, I genuinely love this aspect of electronic music, and I’m very excited to share these songs with you!

“Choppaz – SVDDEN DEATH Remix” by Space Laces, Getter, SVDDEN DEATH

The first song I ever added to this playlist immediately brought to mind Terror Birds. These huge territorial hunters went extinct about 2.5 million years ago. The song rapidly builds up and drops into a heavy dubstep beat. Even the downbeats carry a hint of the terror bird, reflecting the power of the drop with sharp accents resembling talons. The twill accents also evoke a bird-like quality with their fluttery nature. If you enjoy dubstep, this song is for you!

“Space Bubbles” by Bandlez

Bandlez nailed this unique song. It starts with wide, reverberating bass notes, setting the tone for the drop. When the song drops, the sound opens up with sharp, round dubstep notes serving as the melody. This open and almost splash-like sound reminds me of ducks waddling around with their ducklings. The song boasts incredible sound design with a complex rhythm structure that accesses special sounds. The second drop shifts into a half-time beat, while the third drop doubles the speed of the first, showcasing Bandlez’s skills on the decks. If you like Dirt Monkey, this song is for you!

“Proceed With Caution” by Excision, Dion Timmer, Shiverz

The Breaking Through EP by Excision and Dion Timmer was an incredible collection of art. In this collaboration with Shiverz, the song builds up and breaks with a powerful statement before unleashing a massive, fluttery dubstep drop. Twills are present throughout the drop, and in the production, it sounds like a birdcage being opened with hundreds of birds flying out. The second drop is more standard, though the accent notes on the offbeats are reminiscent of the sounds birds make, making it a perfect fit for this playlist.

“Blaze” by Dirt Monkey, Tynan

One of my all-time favorite songs, Dirt Monkey and Tynan truly showcased their production skills, garnering support from many huge artists, including Liquid Stranger. When the drop comes, the emphasis is on a pitch progression through twills, and it is mind-bending. The directions it moves in, the accents in the twills, perfectly complement the drop structure, creating a masterpiece of many sounds coming together. If you like space bass, this song is for you!

“Overdrive – Kompany Remix” by Space Laces, Kompany

Rounding out this list is another one of my favorite songs, and it was on repeat for months. With a nice intro and buildup, the song is well-set to have a monster drop. And a monster drop it indeed has. The dubstep drop is massive, with incredible accents to pump in the energy. The second part of the drop features sharp, fast-paced dubstep that reminds me of birds diving into the water trying to catch fish. This is achieved purely through traditional dubstep sounds and not twills, which is a breath of fresh air. If you like bass music, this song is an absolute must!

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