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Jade Cicada’s Unseen Brilliance: 5 Tracks That Redefine Genre Boundaries

Jade Cicada is one of those significant artists that most people have never heard of. He rarely posts on social media, and he doesn’t need to; his music speaks to his production skills and artistic level. Unlike most artists, it’s almost impossible to classify his songs into one or two genres, as he often spans different genres in a glitchy, intricate way. Here are five of my favorite songs of his, aiming to spread the word that this man should never be missed if you have the chance to see him live.

“Chonkra” by Jade Cicada

This song will scramble your mind. With a quick buildup of intricate rhythms, the song drops swiftly, and the scrambling commences. Using a glitch hop-esque drop, Jade Cicada incorporates deep space bass sounds to lay out a complex rhythm that’s truly incredible. The quick and subtle beat accentuates the heavy sounds. If you enjoy space bass, this song is for you!

“Cherry Sinefold” by Jade Cicada

Starting with glitchy chords, you might feel like you’re logging into another world. A funky glitchy melody soon follows, with perfectly timed counter melody chords. The drop features a slower tempo, funky bass drop with wide, distorted sounds. The production throughout the song is incredible, with each sound seemingly telling a different story, all merging into the same universe to create this masterpiece. Though not mid-tempo, if you like that genre, this song is for you!

“Wire Skulls” by Jade Cicada

Tapping into his brighter side, Jade Cicada nails this song. The slower beginning uses lighter chords and sounds to elevate the mood, showcasing a different side of him. The melody gradually comes in and is supported by an elongated chord progression, with a wonderful, hollow counter melody that tickles the brain. If you enjoy chillwave or Flume’s more experimental works, this song is for you!

“Kites” by Jade Cicada

Another light, beautiful tune, “Kites” is perfect for watching a sunset. Wonderful rhythms start off, and the drop happens quickly, around the 30-second mark. Everything picks up, and the melody is carried by a flute stringing together beautiful notes. The counter melody consists of arpeggios going up and down, perfectly supporting the funky, faster-paced song. If you like Porter Robinson, this song is for you!

“Little Creatures” by Jade Cicada

Ending the article on a chill note, this song shows that Jade Cicada truly has no limits. It’s a chill, vibey song with incredible space bass accents. Starting off chill, with a nice, slow chord progression, it drops into a chill, bassy melody to sway to. Deep accents make the song interesting throughout, with sounds of scratching and more. If you like the chill side of EDM, this song is for you!

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