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Eyezic Releases Emotional Electro Pop Record: ‘A Moment Apart’

While looking for new music to cover this week I stumbled across Eyezic‘s “A Moment Apart.” Instantly, the vocals and lyrics caught my attention. The gut-wrenching, crying-in-the-club energy of this track hooked me from the start. Unfortunately, I was only listening to a teaser in an Instagram post, so I was excited for the track to be released and see if it lived up to my expectations. It’s safe to say it did.

Eyezic got his start in 2017 after an injury knocked him off his trajectory of collegiate athletics. The Washington D.C. native then discovered his desire to create music and the rest is history. His name and musical inspiration comes from his late grandfather, Isaac, who played the violin growing up. He’s also drawn inspiration from artists like Moore Kismet, Laxcity, INZO, and Leotrix to name a few, helping cultivate his style into the melodic-trap based sound it is today. Eyezic has released with notable labels like Jadu Dala, Bitbird, Subsidia Records, Quality Goods Records, and more, as well as collaborated with the likes of Capshun, Pleeg, Spuke, Star Seed & M.E. Swank.

“A Moment Apart” is Eyezic’s first release of 2024 and it’s already in my regular rotation. Although I’m fairly new to Eyezic’s music, I’ll be paying a lot more attention after a release like this.

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