Relentless Beats

Adrian Lux

Genre Progressive House

Country Sweden

Label Ultra Records



Adrian Lux's Biography

A new signing to Ultra Records, the Swedish based  producer Adrian Lux will release two singles “Can’t Sleep” and “Strawberry” on the award winning independent label in the Spring of 2010.

A brief background on Adrian Lux tells us that he is the son of two musicians, both who now collaborate on his music. His professional career in music began as a teenage prodigy that became famous as one of Stockholm’s leading dancehall reggae DJs. The step from this aggressive Jamaican music to the spacey sentimental pop-dance that Adrian currently creates seems huge. It was a completely natural progression for this young producer.

With one foot in the suburb where he grew up and the other in the pulsating Stockholm night life, Adrian Lux meshes his worlds through his music. He approaches dance music the same way he approaches the tempting treats of the night, always with careless curiosity, creating sounds that are often described both as minimal and grandiose. His music built its foundation on the dance floor, with a teenage whimsy attached to it.  Blowing up Stockholm- and European dance floors for over three years, it’s never mattered what kind of club or crowd  that is in attendance, techno, house, or indie, they all adore Adrian Lux.

Adrian’s two singles “Strawberry” and “Can’t Sleep” echoe the dream of the perfect Swedish summer and the first steps of innocent teen love. But you can also sense a more serious, grown tone, originating in Adrian’s experience moving from place to place, from genre to genre. His music resonates in the place between, flowing through genres with ease.

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