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CRSSD Festival’s Subtlety Allows It To Transcend Into An Experience Entirely It’s Own

There is something to be said when a festival is capable of taking your breath away time and time again upon each visit. When I say this however, I am not referring to the ability to take your breath away through spectacle, or through extravagance, or through treating an audience to an experience based on achieving an adrenaline-fueled high. What I am speaking to is rather the opposite…


Photo: Felicia Garcia

Subtlety is essential in this sort of magnificence. CRSSD Festival is subtle, and that is what makes it absolutely remarkable.

Let’s start by talking about the sophistication that compliments this festival oh-so-well. Everything here begs for its audience to take part in this elegant and this cultured escapade whether it is the various local high-quality food vendors, the dozens of carefully brewed craft beers, or the expertly curated music choices spread across the three festival stages.

There is never a feeling that you are taking part in something that you could find in your own back yard. When at CRSSD Festival, there is a profound sense of purpose in standing at San Diego Bayfront Park. The sunset is the same no where else, the skyline is irreplaceable, the weather is perfect, the vibe is fervent, and the crowd is every bit as state-of-the-art as you. This festival is the only one you should be at in that moment. It is the subtlety that lies within the simple beachfront design, the grass-laden grounds, and the appropriate incorporation of the city fountains, that make for such a memorable experience.


Photo: Miranda McDonald

As mentioned above, the food and beverage is outstanding, but it is the music and the atmosphere that is the festival’s true beck and call. From all three stages, not a single act disappoints, and not a single act detracts from the overall energy of the event. This year, FNGRS CRSSD incorporated a wider range of talent than ever including Zhu, Miike Snow, Malaa, AC Slater, Destructo, Dubfire, Lido, Shiba San, Felix Da House Cat, Flight Facilities, Wave Racer, Lee K, and many others.

The diversity in lineup may not be immediately recognizable, but when you look closely, it is the subtlety, again. Each of these artists have their own unique flavor to provide and it is quite clear when looking at the spread of talent from stage to stage that there was much attention to detail that went into this tasteful curation.

Overall, CRSSD Festival will be an experience that I will continue to return for. Even if there comes a point where the music is something that I have seen time and time again (this has not happened yet), I will resume my journey to San Diego season after season for the feeling of standing under the orange sky with my feet in the grass, sipping a pineapple IPA, and dancing with my friends to music that fits the aura of the celebration like a glove.

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Cover Photo: Skyler Green

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