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Branchez Adds a Twist to GTA & What So Not’s “Feel It”

Branchez is a modern, versatile, driven and open-minded producer from New York City who has been making waves in both the electronic music & hip-hop communities with his soulful brand of club music ever since he exploded onto the scene with his self-released tracks “Treat You Right,” and “Shake,” and biggest of all, his remix of What So Not’s single “High You Are.” The track, arguably as popular in dorm rooms as it is with fellow DJs and producers, shot up the Hype Machine charts and quickly grabbed the #1 spot. Now, Branchez takes a stab at another What So Not track with an intriguing remix of What So Not and GTA‘s beautiful collab off of GTA’s ‘Good Times Ahead’ album, “Feel It.”

Released about six months ago, “Feel It” is a fresh and invigorating number sporting Philadelphian rapper and previous What So Not collaborator, Tunji Ige on guest vocals, and a lush synth drop that’s airy and dreamy. The track received tons of praise instantly, and now Branchez has shared his rendition.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Branchez, but this is definitely the right way to step back into the light. He delivers another solid remix as he maintained the original track’s vibes and flow, but adds his own askew elements to give the track a bit more of those upbeat future trap feels. Hopefully this is just the start of more to come from Branchez, but definitely check this one out, because well….let’s just say you’ll feel it.

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