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4 Reasons to Party at a Waterpark

1. It’s a Perfect Way to Beat the Heat

Sunny days and Summer weather are just around the corner. You still want to have fun with your friends but scorching temperatures can definitely hinder your plans. At a waterpark you can shed some layers and cool off in the pool all day long. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat and still have a great time!

2. Show Off Your New Suit and Summer Bod


Suns out, buns out! You spend good money on your swim suit and work hard to look good in it. What better place to show off your new swimwear and summer body than at a waterpark?

3. Waterpark Rides and Slides

Some of the advantages of partying at a waterpark are the rides, slides, and other amenities. Rides make us feel like we’re a kid again and there’s nothing better than floating around a lazy river with a drink your hand. You can do all this and more when you party at a waterpark.


4. It’s Something Different!

You probably know your way around downtown, old town, and all your local bars by now. Hitting the same clubs over and over can become a little mundane. If you’re tired of your usual scene maybe it’s time to try something a little different–like a waterpark! Summer months are prime time for waterpark parties so ditch the dark bars for some sun and fun.


See what it’s all about– check out Wet Electric at Big Surf Waterpark on Saturday, April 29th! Artist announcements to come! Get tickets here.

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