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TroyBoi Releases Elevated New Single ‘AJA AJA’

TroyBoi is on the move this month, charging into the new decade with a consistent stream of recent releases that are taking the scene by force. With his name already showing up on high-profile lineups such as EDC Las Vegas, this year is looking to be one of his bests. Following his most recent hit “Mmmm,” TroyBoi just dropped another track that is excitingly different, uplifting, and overall sensational. Listen to the new single, entitled “AJA AJA,” below!

Starting off with unique vocal runs followed by a groovy beat to follow, this track sets you up for a very different ride than what you may have expected. TroyBoi showcases his diversity as a producer with this track, staying true to his iconic groovy synths and beats while taking the vibe in a very culturally-inspired direction. Elevated, airy, and fun, this track is easy to vibe to and will keep your spirits high and your mood ever joyous. TroyBoi continues to vibe his way to the top by staying true to his sounds and experimenting with his recipe to create fresh takes in EDM.

Troyboi will be playing Wet Electric this spring at Big Surf right in Tempe alongside Paz and Deorro, with many more names to be announced! See more info and grab tickets here!

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