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Kill Paris Releases Fresh New Single, ‘where r u’

Future bass artists Kill Paris is visiting Shady Park on May 26th, and he just released a fresh new single for your listening in preparation. Over the past couple months, he’s released a stunning remix of Illenium‘s ‘Only One,’ a one of a kind remix of The Chainsmokers‘ ‘Paris,’ his irresistible single, ‘Good Love,’ and now he’s graced us with ‘where r u.’

Kill Paris started releasing music in 2013, and his sound has evolved immensely since then. His first releases like ‘Slap Me’ and ‘To a New Earth’ had a future funk feel, and over the years Kill Paris has incorporated more and more future bass. As future bass has become the new fad, it’s important to maintain originality, and Paris has no problems there.

In classic Kill Paris fashion, ‘where r u’ maintains a super chill vibe throughout. From the start, a unique percussion grabs your attention, followed by a calm vocal sample, and dreamy melody. ‘where r u’ and ‘Good Love’ are both sneak peeks of Paris’ forthcoming EP, ‘Awakening.’

Kill Paris sets off on his Awakening tour in just a few days, so grab your tickets now to witness his stop here in Az with Electric Mantis, and hopefully hear his new tracks, along with some more unheard tunes.

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