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Jauz Gives Us a Modern Heartbreak Anthem with His Newest Track ‘Meant To Love You’

The eclectic Jauz has returned with a catchy yet emotionally relatable new track entitled “Meant To Love You” featuring a mysterious new vocalist named Rouxn. This artist does not seem to be active on social media but that doesn’t discount the amount of talent. The highly groovy, sonic backdrop is accompanied by lyrics relatable to anyone who has experienced heartbreak, so it gives his latest creation a unique quality that makes it stand out amongst a sea of new tracks. Jauz has historically been good at dabbling in sounds that have a unique twang and this song is no exception.

Have a listen below! We dare you not to put it on repeat after you’re done. We, personally, are diggin’ it.

Jauz ft. Rouxn – Meant To Love You

“Meant To Love You” offers a satiating house beat listeners will easily fall in love with at first listen; judging from Jauz‘ approach to his newest endeavor, that is exactly what he wanted to achieve. He’s redirecting the focus back to the music.

This song is the first official track to be released off of his new collective, Bite This! which, according to Jauz himself, is a completely fresh take on music. According to the website, it’s about “pushing boundaries, making magic happen, discovering new horizons and creating truly unique, fresh music and art on all platforms.” In a time where the sonic landscape of the festival scene has plateaued, Jauz is truly doing a service to fans in offering them something completely different.

His intentions are made clear when he states that the collective “isn’t a record label, this isn’t some giant conglomerate EDM Machine trying to take over the universe, this is just my vehicle for being able to put out MY music, the way I WANT to, and most importantly a way for me to help shine light on the artists around me who are so talented and haven’t been heard or seen by the world yet.”

Jauz was one of many artists just announced for Decadence Arizona! Get more info and tickets here.

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