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DJ to Watch: Holy Goof

In a desperate search to find where Jauz is playing next, I stumbled on much more than just his UK tour dates; I discovered today’s RB DJ to watch. He goes by the name of Holy Goof, but his tracks are anything but a comical. Descending from the UK, this young producer is having people double take and hit replay.


He who opens for Jauz is someone who must be doing something right, so naturally, my next move was to jump on to his Soundcloud. His track, “It Ain’t Safe” left me with an overwhelming sense that I had heard it before, or something very similar. I soon realized who it was; Jauz and Skepta. Jauz’s remix of “Man” and Holy Goof’s “It Ain’t Safe” have undeniable similarities. They both have this minimal bass line with a dial tone procession and intricate beat. Both artists have put their own creative spin on the sound but nevertheless, it’s evident these two have been in the studio together. Jauz has outwardly supported this artist for a while now and I look forward to maybe seeing him join Jauz’s record label, Bite This, in the near future.

Holy Goof Is on the fast track to shark squad stardom, join him on his journey!

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