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10 Songs To Listen To While Driving Home From A Festival

We have all been there. The long walk to the car after a festival. Your legs are killing you, your voice is but a mere whisper from screaming for your favorite artists. You wish you could go back, but you know the next one is (hopefully) around the corner. Inside your car, your friends are all worn out, each wanting different music to listen to on the way home. Well—look no further! The perfect ten songs to listen to on your drive home are here.

“Higher Ground” (feat. Naomi Wild) – ODESZA & Naomi Wild
A song that starts with an upbeat feel and light vocals, Higher Ground is one song from ODESZA’s newest album A Moment Apart. The song as a whole is very chill and is one of those tunes that you can smile as you listen to it while driving.

“Wonder” (feat. The Kite String Tangle) – Adventure Club & The Kite Street Tangle
Beginning with a relaxed sound and smooth vocals, Wonder is one of my favorite songs ever. By about a minute, forty seconds into it, the drop entangles you in a web of different layers that sound vocally and musically beautiful. This song is an experience that makes you truly feel like you are living life.

“Body” (feat. Brando) – Loud Luxury & Brando
Body is one of my newest favorite tracks. A feel-good tune filled to the brim with good vibes, this song is seemingly perfect. By the drop, the vocals complement the different pieces of the song to create a blend of music that is extremely satisfying to the ears. I cannot help but sway to this song as it is one that definitely takes you away.

“Your Tempo” – Kasbo
One of Kasbo’s newest songs, Your Tempo is one with suave vocals and touches of lovely falsetto. By the forty-four second mark the vocals mix with other-worldly sound effects that create a song with an ambiance all its own. The transitions in the song are done very well and ensure the listener feels the comfort the song presents throughout its’ entirety.

“Simple” – Autograf & Victoria Zaro
Brushes of brief snaps and vocals, Simple is a song that is anything but. A song that gets me grooving to its’ vibes, Autograf really outdo themselves with a song that is one to dance to and also feel in your soul. Complex in the differences from the beginning, to a minute forty-four in, (which combines all of the best elements) to create a fantastic vocal build-up.

“Moonwalk Away” GoldFish
As one of the only songs on this list with less vocals, Moonwalk Away relies solely on the creation of its’ various levels. Starting off with some graceful drum beats, transitioning into the piano effects, it has a fluid sound that creates a minimalist rhythmic feel.

“Venice Venture” – Big Wild
A song that starts with waves, flows into eclectic vocals that seemingly coordinate with the curvy beats throughout. A song to groove to in the best way, it is all about the chill, airy feel this track gives.

“Cold Skin” – Seven Lions & Echos
With crisp vocals that echo through the beginning of the song, Cold Skin is a song that can awaken you when you are getting a bit sleepy on that drive home. In itself, as a whole it is very sharp, with a drop at about the minute mark that transports you into another time. Effects that are eerie, combining together for a sound that can only be described as moments in time of soul-searching.

“World to Me” (feat. Luke James) (Rootkit Remix) – Tchami, Luke James, Rootkit
One of the newest Tchami songs, featuring Luke James, the remix by Rootkit of World To Me is one of my favorites. Each part of the remix complements the original so well. The drop in this uses a woodwind type effect which gives it a forest-like aura. The whole piece is very well done and will get your head bobbing.

“Aoyama” – ESTA.
A much more unconventional song, Aoyama focuses its vibes on being both feel good, and slightly chilling in the way that they are presented. This is one of those songs that your sunroof should be open to, staring at the stars as you make your way to your destination. It is a song to get lost in, and to just be. It is certainly the perfect ending track to a drive home.

As you arrive home, you already begin thinking about your next festival! Lucky for you, eight out of ten of the artists featured on this playlist will be in Arizona in the next couple of months! Check out event page here.

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