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Megalodon Strikes Again with ‘Buss It’

It hasn’t even been a month since we were overtaken with wubs on Megalodon’s EP Moon Rocks, and now with “Buss It,” released yesterday, May 15th, we are re-submerged in his heavy holiness. Having heard this track teased for months in loud, crowded clubs, finally hearing it in its crisp file format amplifies the thrashing chops and relentless rhythm. Leo Black’s bars on this track give the track a hip/hop flair and perfect build up to dubstep/riddim drop. Check it out below.

If you’re like up and you just can’t get enough of this one, you’re in luck. Like a Great White to a fishermen’s boat, Megalodon is swimming back to attack at the Monarch on May 31st alongside Tisoki. Grab your tickets here if you dare.

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