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Jauz Drops ‘Super Fly’ Ahead of Diverse New Album

After ominous and alluring social media teasers, it’s finally shark week! No, not with gnashing great whites and killer hammerheads, but with bass and house and Sam Vogel, better known as Jauz. This weekend Jauz will be previewing his new creation with a single ahead of the album, and a week from now the 23-track masterpiece will be released. With seven days of anticipation, there’s already a lot to digest. Jauz’s tracklist, for example, has more meat to it than just track names. The Wise and The Wicked is split into chapters as a way for Jauz to show diversity and not stick to just one type of music. Jauz explains how his creative ideas transcend the constructs of dance music genres:

When I’m writing music, half of my brain wants to write fun, crazy bangers for parties, clubs, fests, etc. This is represented by ‘The Wicked.’ The other half of the time I want to write emotional, intelligent, experimental music that feeds the “inner artist” in myself, which is represented by ‘The Wise.’ The middle ground, which is where I strive to really be, is a blend of the melodic, emotional parts of my music paired with high energy drops and climaxes. This is represented by ‘The United.’

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.11.17 PM

The single ahead of the album, “Super Fly,” is from “Chapter 4: Becoming United [The United].” The track starts with airhorn samples and a fun, hiccuping beat. The builds and low parts of the track are calculated; the effort in the sound production is evident. There’s a clear element of experimentation with the intermittent breaks, but the drop still has the heavy synth and bass sound classic of Jauz. “Super Fly” is between a party track and a melodic experiment, which is exactly what Jauz aimed for with “The United.” The full story will be told on August 31st with the release of the full album, The Wise and The Wicked.

You can catch “Super Fly” and the 22 other tracks from Jauz’s supreme album when he comes to the Rialto Theatre in Tucson on October 30 (just in time for Halloween!) Get your tickets now!

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