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Bishu Drops ‘Mo Bamba’ Remix

A few months ago, Sheck Wes appeared out of nowhere and dropped “Mo Bamba.” Within these few months this song has been played everywhere, be it festivals, clubs, bars, frats, etc. The reason for this over-stimulation is because it is, in fact, an enormous banger.

If you’ve heard Bishu, you know he doesn’t take it easy for anyone–this remix is no exception. The song begins with Sheck Wes’ original track and slowly but surely develops Bishu’s own beat. As we work up to the drop, the excitement builds until we’re destroyed with grimy bass-house we all know and love.

I’ve been trying to listen for this remix in sets that I’ve seen but I have yet to hear it. If you’re a DJ and you want to really demolish your crowd, I highly recommend adding this to your tracklist. If you’re not a DJ and just like crazy good new music, look no further.

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