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Spin It Back Saturday: Said The Sky – ‘Everything’

Playing piano and various instruments since the age of eight, Colorado native, Trevor Christensen, has come forward with a fresh perspective on music. Bringing a melodic background and technical training into his work, he is able to capture everything beautiful in what people know as EDM. His music is what he hopes it to be, an experience: a captivating blend of moving bass lines and soaring melodies.

Taking it back to his earliest days, we are reminiscing on the Said The Sky‘s first original track released on Soundcloud. The tune titled “Everything” is deep in its concept and booming in the bass lines. Something right out of the chillstep genre, “Everything” opens with a speech from a famous philosopher, Alan Watts that carries into a melodic and emotive-filled ballad that hits you in the bassy-filled feels. It’s hasn’t lost its touch in the last 4 years in the slightest. Take a walk with us down memory lane with “Everything” by Said The Sky for today’s Spin It Back Saturday. Check it out below.

Speaking of all things bass, Said The Sky is set to join Slander, Wooli, and Wavedash at Relentless Beat’s first annual Parade of Bass. Don’t miss the one; grab your tickets here.

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